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Setting you up w/ Zoom before the event

Zoom Audio Preferences for best sound  (Desktop/Laptop):
Open Zoom app
Uncheck “Automatically adjust microphone volume 
Advanced (same page bottom right) 
Disable “Suppress Persistent Background Noise”
Disable “Suppress Intermittent Background Noise” 
Exit out 

Zoom Video for best viewing: 
-Make sure there’s light
-All light should be front-facing you and not behind you
-If using a cellphone place it down somewhere to avoid a shaky screen (eye level)
-If using a cellphone place it in portrait mode
-If using a cellphone, once we are live swipe left for gallery view (allows you to see everyone) 
-Change Zoom name to your Artist name for the competition 
-Make your space look nice 


Ideal setup:
-Laptop with high-speed wifi or connected directly to the computer via an ethernet cord. This is not a must but the smoother your visuals are the better you’ll come off
-Cellphones connected to wifi will also work
-Always use headphones for all devices (wired preferred) 


*Please follow these tips to make sure the event is enjoyable for everyone. 

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