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Frequently Asked Questions 





1. When is Freestyle Mondays?



2. Is there a sign-up list for the open mic?

No.  There will be a line for the vocalists.  After you rock you can get back in line as many times as you like throughout the evening.  


3. Can I perform my own tracks? 

No.  You have the opportunity to perform with the band.  It is a jam session and requests will not be taken. 


4. What is the Freestyle Mondays Gameshow Competition? 

A single-elimination 8 Emcee tournament sees rappers go one-on-one as a wheel is spun determining the topic they will face-off over. From pop-culture to politics, no subject is too taboo as neither the rappers nor the audience knows what to expect.

Main rule: NO WRITTEN Rhymes 


5. Do you do showcases?



6. How do I enter the competition? 

Please complete the SIGN-UP FORM


7. How much is it to enter the competition?

The competition entry fee is $10.00 (If paid before the competition date the door fee will be waived)


8. What is the prize for the winner of the emcee competition?

Cash, a Gift Certificate to Funkadelic Studios, and a whole lot of props.  


9. Is there a cover for entry?

Virtual Gameshow is FREE 


10. Where can I find the party?

 Pianos NYC 158 Ludlow NY, NY


Prague, CZ & Strasbourg, FR (direct message for more info on the Euro FM) 


*For more questions please Contact us

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