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Virtual Freestyle Mondays Gameshow Rules: 


-Entry fee is non-refundable for tardiness or inability to follow the rules below or cancellations

-Must promote the event to their social media & tag @coreyjamesgray & @fstylemondaysNY

-Must show up on time for soundcheck & call time

-All verses are Freestyle (improvisation)

-Crowd will judge 

-Crowd votes for a Head to Head if they think it’s a tie 

-Head to Head is an extra round  

-Crowd is allowed 2 Head to Heads per event. 

-If an Emcee wins by 5% or less, there will be an Executive Head to Head

- Executive Head to Head does not count against the 2 allowed for the crowd 

-When the host says “TIME” stop rapping

-Top 2 Emcees move on to the 5th week, Battle of the Champions 

-Mics must be muted and Video OFF if not rapping (during battle only) 

-Have fun


Open Mic: 

-Respect the fellow emcees 

-Do not cut off an emcee (The host will rap a hook between every Emcee  unless specified) 

-If you are not rapping, turn your mic off

-Ok to turn the mic on directly after an Emcee’s verse to show love 

-Stop rapping when you hear a hook

-Have fun

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